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Darjeeling x Kay Girls und Panzer just anime because I39m too lazy

Darjeeling x Kay Girls und Panzer just anime because I39m too lazy


Darjeeling x Kay (Girls und Panzer) Anime Chibi, Kawaii Anime, Anime Art

Darjeeling x Kay (Girls und Panzer)

Darjeeling x Maho x Kay (Girls und Panzer)

Darjeeling~Girls und Panzer


Ogura Noriko, Actas, GIRLS und PANZER, Rosehip (GIRLS und PANZER), Darjeeling

Darjeeling x Kay (Girls und Panzer)

Putting That Fat Burning Belt to Use ...

Artist: Akashio Loli Ace Girls Und Panzer Darjeeling #anime #waifus #awwnime #

Darjeeling x Kay Halloween (Girls Und Panzer)

Beach fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Various) [Maybe a bit NSFW]: ...

Darjeeling, Manga Girl, Tanks, Girls, Little Girls, Darjeeling Tea, Daughters, Maids

Rosehip x Assam also seems to be gaining in popularity due to the one of the official postcards given away to movie goers in Japan had a ...

Rosehip x Assam also seems to ...

Kay x Darjeeling Swap (Last Part) @_darjeeling_saint._.gloriana._


Mikko,Mika and Aki~Girls und Panzer by Tsujimura Roku

DS? ...

... x Alice because ...

/tg/ - Traditional Games

Garupan deck?

Want to add to the discussion?

... probably because they were the two that worked together to knock out Rumi from the Bermuda trio to joining up with Alice.

When im too lazy to remember names, i call them this

Originally she had no name, ...

MFW that noname school just tricked my team of experts.

Girls und Panzer – 07

[ IMG]

[ IMG]

Not all families show their feelings openly – on the surface, Mako and her grandmother don't seem to get along at all, ...

StuG ...

Girls und Panzer Episode 10 Discussion (90 - ) - Forums - MyAnimeList.net



「次はアンツィオです!」 (Tsugi wa Antsio Desu!) “Anzio is Next!”


Happy late B-Day for Darjeeling! I hope you had a great day yesterday

ミカさん by artist てさら (@Retr0_0o)

Kay: I'm here beside ya! So cheer up and smile for me

But they still obviously care about each other as the only remaining family they have, Mako's parents having died in an accident.


I was thinking Rosehip and Clara.


562 KB JPG. >>


Commander Supreme of A.G.H.S.! ( @anzio_._chiyomianzai_would )

ハンナ 03/22/17. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

Hana vs Hatsune Miku

[ IMG]

Miho: Erika, your pockets are so warm~ Erika: *inner happiness*

Natural Meme 2

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite and cute girls in this world! Happy birthday

nokashi ( @tank_commander_nokashi ). rukuriri transfered to kuromorimine ▫ [tags] #girlsundpanzerdasfinal #girlsundpanzer ...

... it seems she's always been rather stoic) in face of that fact. It's a little strange where things are going in terms of the PTSD thread – was that scene ...

Erika: What are you talking about? You are my lover, don't

Darjeeling: Lewis Caroll once wrote «When I use a word, Humpty Dumpty said

Girls und Panzer/東方/Science ( @sisdakev.senpai )

26425128. >>

Katyusha ( @katyusha_podsolnukhov )

Panzer Vor!


Anzu: Determination? I think you are already in the right place! *Lay

... playing the role of a lazy student council president who delegates everything to her subordinates. The moment she actually steps in and takes ...

Commander Supreme of A.G.H.S.! ( @anzio_._chiyomianzai_would )

Darjeeling: Could I ask why are you staring at me so directly? *Giggles

... Oarai is pretty much as I guessed last week – they're being abolished due to funding problems and participating in the nationals is a last ditch attempt ...

Darjeeling: Pekoe Darling, I'm getting sleepy too... Pekoe:

Anime info:

Girls' Frontline & Girls and panzer

Girls und Panzer Remixs!


[ IMG]

Natural Meme 4 (manga: Girls und Panzer)

Mika: At the sight of a prey, the hunter will be always staring at

Miho: Fluffy fluffy Boko hug. Does this cheers you?

Darjeeling: Is pointless to discuss this Takeshi, get back here and protect the flag

79 KB JPG. Girls und Panzer ...

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#erikaitsumi #itsumierika #tiger #tiger2 #panzer #panzerkampfwagen # girlsundpanzer #germany

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... Mika: What sorta of thing would do great to tame the beast, called humans